Mausoleum Packages
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$39/per month
Silk Floral Arrangement
Refreshed Bi-weekly
Budget flowers
Minimal greenery
Small vase
$99/per month
Silk Floral Arrangement
Refreshed Weekly
Premium flowers with greenery
A Fresh Arrangement each month
Large vase

mausoleum flower vasesMausoleum packages created to meet the budgetary requirements of each individual. Each package includes removal and replacing a floral arrangement based on the timetable of each package. There are no contracts beyond the monthly service. Please contact me if you wish to enter into a semi-annual or annual contract for better pricing.

After deciding on the package you wish to purchase, make your selection below to pay for your order.


Mausoleum Package Options
Please note: Until my account is setup, payment is made through Avis Ward Company.

You will receive a receipt and I will receive immediate notification of your order and payment.

The month begins one day after your order and payment are received. Therefore, the month is not on a calendar timetable. To continue the following month, simply place another order. If you wish to setup recurring monthly payments, please contact me and that will be arranged for you.

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