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MatildaWard Floral Designs is owned by Creative Designer, Matilda "Tildy" Ward of Ocklawaha, Florida. Living in a tropical oasis of lush plants and fruit trees, Matilda is a natural and trained floral designer. Some of the accents in her arrangements and baskets were planted by her on the nearly five acres she lives and used to produce spectacular one-of-a-kind creations.

You're probably wondering where on earth is Ocklawaha? Or better yet, how do you pronounce it? Auk-la-wah-ha is a small piece of heaven on earth. Located in Marion County, it is a water and nature lover's paradise on Lake Weir and the Ocklawaha River, including parts of the Ocala National Forest. We service this entire area. In fact, we're the only florist in Ocklawaha and look forward to catering to your floral and gift-giving needs.

Tildy was born and raised in [Summerfield] this tropical-forestry environment. She has lived and worked in metro-Atlanta, NYC and Chicago but the desire for simplicity and the "good life" brought her back to her roots. The locals and her family are happy to have this creative talent home again. You and your gift recipients will delight in her charm, warmth, exceptional customer service and years of experience.


Gator Joes
Gator Joe's on Lake Weir in Ocklawaha - Where the food is always fresh and delicious!

For all of your gift giving occasions, Tildy's here with her signature style! Your gift recipients will be taken Back to the Garden of Eden. You will want the experience for yourself, too! Guaranteed!

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